Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

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Attractions : Nature, Wildlife
Season : October to March
Weather : Summer (23 to 38°C), Winter (14 to 28°C)


Bhadra Wildlife sanctuary form a part of the exotic Western Ghats of India located between Chikkamagalur and Shimoga districts. It is a protected Tiger reserve. Kemmannugundi and Bababudan hills form a part of this sanctuary. With an exotic variety of vegetation and animals within it's enclosure, the Bhadra wildlife sanctuary forms an important part of Western Ghats. There are approximately 120 species of trees, 300 species of birds and around 30 species of mammals. River Bhadra and its tributaries flow through the west side of this sanctuary.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary tourist attractions


There are many species of mammals found here. Around 3 odd tigers populate this sanctuary making it one of the most important tiger reserves. Other species include Elephant, Spotted Deer, Wild Boar, Black Leopard, Gaur, Sloth Bear,Jackal, Wild Dog, Jackal, Sambar,  Barking Deer, etc.

Reptiles too have their presence. Some of the commonly seen reptiles are King Cobra, Common Vine Snake, Marsh Crocodiles, Rat Snake, Bamboo Pit Viper, Rusell's Viper, Draco, etc.


The Bhadra wildlife sanctuary is home to around 300 species of birds. Some of them are Ruby-throated Bulbul, Shama, Malabar Trogon, Grey Junglefowl, Red Spurfowl, Painted Bush Quail, Great Black Woodpecker, Malabar Parakeet, Hill Myna,  Emerald Dove, Southern Green Imperial Pigeon, Malabar Whistling Thrush,Racquet-tailed Drongo. Also, theare are around four species of Hornbill.


Theare are around 120 species of trees found in these thick forests. Prominent among them are teak, rosewood, matti, honne, kindal, tadasalu etc.

Bababudan hills and Kemmannugundi

Bababudan hill range and Kemmannugundi are popular tourist attractions of this region offering spectacular view enroute.

Things to do in Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Enjoy the journey enroute
  • Bhadra Abhayaranva tent belonging to the State Government is located in Muthodi and offers stay in this sanctuary. A stay her provides an enriching experience. 
  • Enjoy the Tiger and Lion safari. Details about accomodation and safari can be found <a href="">here.</a>
  • Visit Bababudangiri and Kemmangundi
  • Accomodations are available

Hotels in Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

Travel Guide

How to reach Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

Nearest Bus Station

Nearest town is Chikkamagalur which is about 30 kms away.

Nearest Railway Station

Birur is 40 km away from Bhadra.

Nearest Airport

Mangalore International Airport

How to reach Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary from Bangalore


Muthodi Forest Range office is about 30 odd km from Chikkamagalur. There are buses at regular intervals from Bangalore to Chikkamagalur.

Car/ Taxi

Bangalore to Bhadra Wildlife sanctuary distance is approximately 265 km. It is a 5 hour drive from Bangalore. Connect to Tumkur road. Reach Nelamangala. Follow National Highway 4 and National Highway 48 to State Highway 71 in Channapattana, Hassan. This route is through Kunigal, Yediyur, Hassan, Belur and Chikkamagalur.Take State Highway 57 to Bagmane road in Byaravalli. From Bagmane road, Muthodi Range Forest office is 2 km away.

How to reach Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary from Mysore


Buses are available from Mysore to Chikkamagalur. From Chikkamagalur, Bhadra Forest Range office is just 30 km away.

Car/ Taxi

Distance between Mysore to Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is approximately 200 km and approximately a 4 hour drive. Connect to Hunsur road and continue on State Highway 57 till Chikkamagaluru. This route goes through Krishnarajanagara, Holenarasipura, Hassan, Belur and Chikkamagaluru. Drive to Bagmane road in Byaravalli to reach Bhadra Forest Range office.


Places near Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary