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Rated 4.8 / 5 - based on 100 reviews
Attractions : Architecture, Hoysaleshwara temple, Kedareshwara temple, Museum
Season : January to December
Weather : Summer 22 to 40°C, Winter 12 to 30°C


Halebidu was the capital of the Hoysala dynasty in the 12th century. The primary attractions of Halebidu are the Hoysaleshwara temple, Kedareshwara temple. These temples are located in front of a lake Dwarasamudra meaning "Doorway to the ocean". Halebidu, along with Belur is a World heritage site by UNESCO. The Jain basadi located nearby is also rich with architectural details.

Halebidu tourist attractions

Hoysaleshwara temple

The Hoysaleshwara temple is the chief attraction of Halebidu. The temple is filled with sculptures depicting various events in Hindu mythology including Ramayana and Mahabharatha. The temple is constructed on a star shaped platform. The temple and its carvings are mostly made out of soap stone. The temple houses a Shivalinga which is worshipped even now. Temple carvings include Shilabalikes, Dwarapalakas etc. There are huge Nandi statues beside the temple are monolothic.

Halebeedu temple timings

9:00 am to 6:30 pm. 

Kedareshwara temple

Situated less than a kilometer away from Hoysaleshwara temple is Kedareshwara temple built by Kind Ballala II. The cielings have great carvings. Typical to Hoysala architecture, this temple too is located on a start shaped platform. This temple too has carvings depicting various instances from Hindu mythology. The Nandi in its lying and relaxed posture is an added attraction.

Archaeological Museum

This musem is located at a walkable distance from Hoysaleshwara temple. There are several pieces of history in this museum like sculptures, inscriptions. These were recovered from in and around Halebeedu.

Digambara Jain Basadi

The Jain basadis or place of worhip for Jains is a holy place for Jains. The basadis are also located in front of the Dwarasamudra. 

Things to do in Halebidu

  • Take a tour of the Hoysaleshwara temple and Kedareshwara temple and admire the architecture. Hiring an official guide will add more value to the visit.
  • Visit the museum
  • Visit the Jain basadis

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Travel Guide

How to reach Halebeedu

Near bus station


Nearest Railway station

Nearest railway station is Hassan. From Hassan, Belur is 32 km away.

Nearest Airport

Nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport and it 150 km away.

How to reach Halebeedu from Bangalore


There are no direct buses from Bangalore to Halebidu. However, there are direct buses from Bangalore to Belur which is approximately a 4 hour journey. From Belur, Halebeedu is just 18 km away.


There are trains available from Bangalore to Hassan - Kannur Express, Karwar Express. It is a 4 or a 5 hour journey depending upon the train. From Hassan, Halebeedu is 33 km away.

Car / Taxi

Bangalore to Belur distance is 222 km. Connect to Tumkur road in Bangalore and proceed to Nelamangala. Follow National Highway 4 and National Highway 48 to State Highway 71 in Chennapattana, Hassan. This route goes through Nelamangala, Kunigal, Yediyur, Channarayapattana and Hassan. From State Highway 71, turn left towards Bangalore Mangalore road. From here proceed to Belur road. From here, Halebidu is about 30 km.

How to reach Halebeedu from Mysore


Mysore to Belur by bus is approximately a 2.5 hour journey.There are direct buses from Mysore to Belur. From Belur, Halebeedu is 18 km away.


Mysore to Hassan is approximately a 2 hour journey by train. There are many trains from Mysore to Hassan - Talguppa Express, Sharavathi Express, Mysore Dharwad Express, Talguppa Express, Kannur Express and Karwar Express. From Hassan, Halebidu is 33 km away.

Car / Taxi

Mysore to Halebeedu distance is 150 km. From Mysore go along Hunsur road. Take State Highway 57. This route goes through Bilikere, Krishnarajanagara, Holenarasipura, Hassan and Hagare. Drive along Belur road to reach Hagare. From Belur road, Halebeedu is 30 odd km away.


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