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Attractions : Water fall
Season : August to December
Weather : Summer (23 to 37°C), Winter (15 to 27°C)


The world famous Jog Falls is the second highest plunge waterfall in South India. The river Sharavathi falls from a height of 253 metres creating a mesmerizing sight. Associated with the water falls is the Linganmakki dam. The power station has been operational since 1848.

Jog Falls tourist attractions

The Sharavathi river's birthplace is Ambuthirtha, near Nonabar in the Thirthahalli taluk. The river takes the north western route. Below Patteguppe, it recieve Haridravathi along it's path. Further, it bends westward, to plummet at the Jog falls. The water flows over a very rock bed about 250 yards wide. The water comes down in four distinct falls i.e Raja,Roarer, Rocket, Rani.


The Raja falls plummets to a depth of 830 ft. It path of Raja is unbroken allowing the water to fall all the way down.


Halfway down the path of the Raja falls, the roarer falls converges to produce a gushing and loud noise. The roarer precipitates into a vast cup, then speeds it's way to meet the Raja at an angle of 45 degrees.


The rocket shoots downwards into a series of jets.


The Rani moves quietly over the mountain side in a sheet of foam.

Trek to bottom of Jog falls

The Karnataka tourist department has built steps from the view point upto the bottom of the falls where the water falls can be seen at the opposite side. 

Things to do in Jog Falls

  • Enjoy the beauty of the waterfalls.
  • Visit several viewpoints of Jog falls.
  • Trek to the bottom of Jog falls is a wonderful experience.

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Travel Guide

How to reach Jog Falls

Nearest Bus station

Sagara is the nearest bus station.

Nearest Railway station

Talaguppa and Sagara are the nearest railway stations.

Nearest Airports

Mangalore Airport is 135 km away. Hubli is 130 km away.

How to reach Jog Falls from Bangalore


There are buses from Bangalore to Sagar at regular intervals. It is approximately 9 hour journey. From Sagara, local buses are available to reach Jog falls. Local jeeps can are available from Sagara.


Car/ Taxi

Bangalore to Jog falls distance is around 378 km. Connect to Tumkur road. Drive along Bangalore - Honnavar road. Connect to National Highway 206. The route map is Bangalore-Shimoga-Sagar-Jog.Jog is 45 km away from Sagara, 21 km from Siddapur and 56 km from Honnavar.


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