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Attractions : Temples, Pancha theerthas
Season : January to December
Weather : Summer (20 to 35°C), Winter (15 to 25°C)


Kalasa is a small town located on the banks of the river Bhadra. It is a temple town with many temples. The most prominent one is the Kalaseshwara temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Kalasa is also the home to Panchatheerthas or 5 small ponds which are located within 10 km of each other. Each theertha has its own significance. Kalasa has references in Skandapurana and its history can be traced back to mythology. Kalasa is located centrally and is near to many tourist attractions.

Kalasa tourist attractions

Kalaseshwara temple

This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and is the main temple of Kalasa. There are other temples here notably Girijamba temple, Hanuman temple, Venkataramana temple, Ranjal Mahalakshmi temple, Vasishta Ashrama and Sree Chandranatha Swamy Temple.


Kalasa is home to panchatheerthas or five small ponds. Each theertha has references in Hindu mythology. Coming here and offering prayers is a part of the pilgrimage which people undertake. The five panchatheerthas and their significance is given below.


This theertha is named after the Sage Vasishta.


This is named after the Snake God.


This theertha is dedicated to the koti (crore) devatas (gods) who were present during the wedding of Lord Shiva and Parvathi.


This theertha is named after Godess Parvathi.

Duggappan Katte

This is a vantage point in Kalasa from where the whole town can be seen.

Things to do in Kalasa

  • Visit the Kalaseshwara temple
  • Visit the Panchatheerthas
  • Enjoy the view from Duggappan Katte
  • Visit the nearby tourist attractions

Hotels in Kalasa

Travel Guide

How to reach Kalasa

Nearest Bus station

Horanadu bus station.

Nearest Railway station

Shimoga is the nearest railway station

Nearest Airport

Mangalore Airport.

How to reach Kalasa from Bangalore


There are direct buses from Bangalore to Kalasa. All buses which go to Horanadu bus station go via Kalasa. Bus travel duration is approximately 6 hours.

Car / Taxi

Kalasa is well connected by road. From Bangalore, connect to Tumkur road and proceed along National Highway 4 and take National Highway 48 and State Highway 71 in Chennapattana, Hassan. This route goes through Nelamangala, Kunigal, Yediyur, Hassan and Belur. Take National Highway 234 in Belur. Turn right onto State Highway 66 and pass by Belur police station. Take left to State Highway 106. From here, Kalasa is around 35 km.

How to reach Kalasa from Mysore


There are direct buses from Mysore to Kalasa. All buses to Horanadu go through Kalasa.

Car / Taxi

From Mysore, continue on Hunsur road in Kajjihundi. Connect to Hunsur road. Take State Highway 57 and continue to reach Belur road. Connect to National Highway 234 and State Highway 106. This route will pass through Krishnarajanagara, Holenarasipura, Hassan, Belur. From State Highway 106, Kalasa is 33 km away.


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