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Rated 4.2 / 5 - based on 100 reviews
Attractions : Beach
Season : January to December
Weather : Summer (30 to 35°C), Winter (28 to 30°C)


Karwar is a port town. The place is popular for it's scenic beauty. Karwar is a centre for agriculture and tourism. Tagore beach, Sadashivgad Hill And Kali River bridge are some of the popular tourist attractions. Karwar is around 110 km from Panjim, 170 km from Hubli and 270 km from Mangalore.

Karwar tourist attractions

Rabindranath Tagore beach

The crescent shaped Tagore beach is a wonderful place. It has also a recreational park, colourful music fountain, Toy train, Planetorium, an aquarium to add to its attraction. River Kali joins the ocean at the end of the beach. The views across the horizons with the ocean and river Kali as a backdrop from a bridge is a wonderful experience.


Devbagh beach is 7 km away from Karwar. It is located at a place where the river Kali joins the Arabian sea. Devbagh is a picturesquie island with casuarina groves. The jungle lodges and resorts provides the unique oppurtunity of a stay in log huts. There are some water sports options available too.

The INS Chapal Warship Museum

This was setup in 1996. The defence ministry handed over INS Chapal to the district administration due to the fact that a naval base was being setup in Karwar. The INS Chapal is now a museum alongside the Tagore beach.

Sadashivgad hill, Kali River bridge and Shantadurga temple

Sadashivagad is located 6 Kms from Karwar along the northern banks of River Kali. The Kali river bridge has to be crossed to reach reach Sadashivagad, a place of historical strategic importance. The fort is in ruins was built by of Sonda kings. The 600 year old Shantadurga Temple is located midway on the Sadashivagad hill. From the peak of the hill, the view of the sun setting in the Arabian sea, is an mesmerizing experience.

Guddalli Peak

Guddalli peak is located just 6 Kms from Karwar at an altitude of 1800 feet above sea level. The panoramic view of Karwar and the sea treats one at this peak.. Due to it's cool weather, the British setup their summer resort at this place. It is one of the highest peaks of Haiderghat range. The Haiderghat range stretches between river Beliker in the west and river Kali in the east before joining the Kaiga range at Kaiga. A five kilometre trekking through mountain through thick vegetation and forests takes one to the peak. The trek itself is a thrilling experiene.

Kurumgad Island

This island is just 4 km from the Karwar shore. This is a private island. There is also a Narasimha temple atop the hill of this island. It is a good picnic spot.

Things to do in Karwar

  • Enjoy in the Tagore beach. Visit the INS Chapael warship museum and spend some time in the park which is setup.
  • Visit the Kali river bridge and Sadashivgad view point preferably during sunset.
  • Visit Shantadurga temple.
  • Trek the Guddalli peak. Enjoy the grenery and the experience it has to offer. View from Guddalli peak is worth the effort taken to reach the peak.
  • Visit Kurumgad island.

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Travel Guide

How to reach Karwar

Nearest Railway Station:-

Karwar is the nearest railway station.

Nearest Airport:-

Goa International Airport is the nearest airport located 96 km away from Karwar.

How to reach Karwar from Bangalore


There are KSRTC buses and private buses which provide services between Bengaluru and Karwar. It is approximately a 11 hour journey.


There are train services available between Bengaluru and Karwar. Given below are the train and their schedules.

Trains from Bengaluru to Karwar

Yeshwantpur Karwar Express (Train number 16515) -This train is available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Departure time is 7:00 am from Yeshwantpur railway station. Travel time is approximately 16 hours.

Karwar Express (Train number 16523) - This train is available on all days of the weak. Departure is 8:30 pm from Bengaluru. Travel time is approximately 18 hours.

Car / Taxi

Bengaluru to Karwar distance is approximately 522 km through National Highway 4. From Bengaluru, connect to Tumkur road i.e National Highway 4. Drive along this road for approximately 350 km. From here, follow State Highway 6 to National Highway 63 in Yellapur. Continue on National Highway 63 to Kodibag. Follow State Highway 6 and Keshav Shet road to reach Karwar. This route goes through Tumkur, Hiriyur, Chitradurga, Ranibennur, Haveri, Yellapur, Ankola to reach Karwar.

How to reach Karwar from Mysore


There are KSRTC state buses and private bus services available from Mysuru to Karwar. It is approximately a 11 hour journey.


There is train facility between Mysuru and Karwar.

Trains from Mysore to Karwar:-

Karwar Express (Train number 16523) - This train is available from Mysuru on all days of the week. Departure time from Mysuru is 11:30 pm. Travel time is approximately 14 hours.

Car / Taxi

Mysore to Karwar distance is 499 km via National Highway 206. From Mysore, connect to KRS road to National Highway 275 in Metagalli. Take National Highway 150 A to State Highway 7 in Kennalu. Follow State Highway 7 to National Highway 206 till Arsikere. Follow National Highway 206 and Edapally Panvel Highway to State Highway 6 in Kodibag, Karwar. This route goes though Srirangapatna, Chennarayapattana, Arsikere, Shimoga, Honnavara, Kumta and Ankola to reach Karwar.


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