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Attractions : Nature,Trekking, Adventure
Season : October to March
Weather : Summer (20 to 37°C), Winter (12 to 28°C)


Kuduremukh or Kuduremukha is a kannada word meaning "horse face". The mountain range derives it's name from a mountain which looks like a horse face. Kudremukha forms a part of the Western Ghats of India and offers picturesque views of nature. There are a host of attractions in this mountain range including the peak Kudremukha. Kuduremukha is a favourite among trekkers.

Kuduremukha tourist attractions

Kuduremukha National Park

Kuduremukha National Park, encompassing an area about 600.32 km2 is the second largest Wildlife protected area. It spans across three districts namely Udupi, Dakshina Kannada and Chikkamagalur. It is also a Tiger reserve.

Kudremukh Peak

The Kuduremukha peak is the highest in the Kudremukha range with height of 1892 mt. The peak encompasses grasslands and forests to provide a mesmerizing view.

Kadambi Waterfalls

Kadambi waterfalls is located near the main road connecting Sringeri and Kuduremukha. It is a visible from the main road and offers a great view. A small walk or trek can take you to the bottom of the waterfall. It is a fun place.

Hanumanagundi Waterfalls

Also known as Suthenabbe falls, is situated between Karkala and Lakya dam. Water gushes from a height of 22 mt to create a wonderful view.

Lakhya dam

Lakhya dam is formed by Lakya river , a tributary of river Bhadra. The dam and it's surroundings offer a spectacular view. The structure is formidable with a  height of the 100 m and length of 1048 mt.

Trekking routes in Kuduremukha

There are four popular trekking routes identified in this range.

  1. Samse to Kudremukha to Samse - This trek route is around 45 km long and has camp sites in Havala and Kudremukh. It is a 4 day/ 3 night trek.
  2. Navoor to Hevala to Kudremukh to Navoor - This trek route is 65 km and has camp sites in Navoor, Havala and Kudremukh. It is a 5 day/ 4 night trek.
  3. Navoor to Kudremukh to Samse - This trek is 55 km long and has camp sites in Navoor, Hevala and Kudremukh. It is 5 days/ 4 night trek.
  4. Horanadu to Sringeri - This trek is 30 km long and has camp sites at Horanadu, Heggaragudi and Sringeri. It is a 2 day/ 2 night trek.

Things to do in Kuduremukha

  • Enjoy the beauty of the western ghats.
  • Do a trek in any of the trekking routes.
  • Visit Lakhya dam.
  • Visit the Kadambi falls and Hanumanagundi falls.

Hotels in Kudremukh

Travel Guide

How to reach Kudremukh

Nearest Bus station


Nearest Railway station

Mangalore is the nearest railway station.

Nearest Airport

Managalore International Airport is the nearest airport.

How to reach Kudremukh from Bangalore


There are no direct state transport buses from Bangalore to Kudremukha. There are buses available from Bangalore to Kalasa. From there, a private bus can be taken to reach Kuduremukha.

However, there are some private players who provide services from Bangalore to Kuduremukha.

Car / Taxi

The distance between Bangalore to Kalasa is 330 km. Connect to Tumkur road in Bangalore and reach Nelamangala. Follow National Highway 4 and National Highway 48 to State Highway 71 in Channapattana, Hassan. This route goes through Kunigal, Hassan, Mudigere, Kottigehara and Kalasa. Take State Highway 106 and State highway 66 to reach Kuduremukha.

How to reach Kudremukh from Mysore


There are State and private buses available from Mysore to Kuduremukha. Approximate journey time is 5 and a half hours.

Car / Taxi

Mysore to Kuduremukha is approximately 295 km and a 5 hour drive. Connect to Hunsur road from Mysore in Kajjihundi. Drive through State Highway 57, Belur Road, and National 234. Connect to State Highway 106 and State Highway 66 to reach Kuduremukha.


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