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Rated 4.6 / 5 - based on 100 reviews
Attractions : Temple, Nature
Season : January to December
Weather : Summer (16 to 28°C), Winter (12 to 20°C)


Kukke Subramanya is located in the scenic surroudings of Western Ghats surrounded amidst spectacular greenery. Kukke Subramanya is a Hindu temple located in the Subramanya village of Karnataka. Legend says that the divine serpent Vasuki took refuge here under Lord Karthikeya who is referred to as Subramanya here. Taking the holy dip in Kumaradhara river and then entering the temple for the darshan of the Lord is considered auspicious.

Kukke Subramanya Tourist attractions

Kukke Subramanya temple

Kukke Subramanya temple is an ancient temple with references in Hindu mythology. Kukke Subramanya is the adobe of Nagas (snake). Here Lord Subramanya is worshiped with serpent kind Vasuki.

Ashlesha Bali

Ashlesha Bali is one of the most popular Kaalasarpa dosha pujas performed in this temple. This puja is performed on Ashleshna nakshatra every month.

Sarpa Samskara

Sarpa Samskara is performed to rid oneself of Sarpa Dosha ( Sin of having killed a snake in the current of previous birth). This puja is recommended by many astrologers for well being. It is the most popular place in india for helping one to come out of Sarpa Dosha.

Things to do in Kukke Subramanya

  • Visit the Kukke Subramanya temple and get blessings of Lord Subramanya.
  • Enjoy the journey enroute and the wonderful surroundings of the temple.

Hotels in Kukke Subramanya

Travel Guide

How to reach Kukke Subramanya

Nearest Bus Station

Kukke Subramanya and Somwarpet are the nearest bus stations.

Nearest Railway Station

Mysore is the nearest Railway Station.

Nearest Airport

Mysore and Mangalore are the nearest airports.

How to reach Kukke Subramanya from Bangalore


There are many buses from Bangalore to Kukke Subramanya and it is approximately a 5 to 6 hr journey.

Car / Taxi

Bangalore to Kukke Subramanya distance is 281 km and is approximately a 5 hour drive. From Bangalore, connect to Tumkur road. Follow National Highway 4 and National Highway 48 to State Highway 7 in Gulsinda, Chennarayapatna. Connect to State Highway 8 till Kumaralli. This route goes to Nelamangala, Kunigal, Chennarayapattana, Hassan, Sakleshpura, Gundya to reach Kukke Subramanya temple.

How to reach Kukke Subramanya from Mysore


Mysore to Kukke Subramanya is approximately a 4 to 5 hour journey.There are buses available from Mysore to Kukke Subramanya.

Car / Taxi

Mysore to Kukke Subramanya distance is 150 km. From Mysore, connect to Hunsur road. Drive from Mysore Madikeri road to Kudige. Take slight left towards Belur Somwarpet road. From Somwarpet, connect to Koothi and drive along to reach Kukke Subramanya.


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