Lakya Dam

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Rated 3.0 / 5 - based on 100 reviews
Attractions : Dam
Season : January to December
Weather : Summer (20 to 35°C), Winter (15 to 28°C)


Lakya dam is a popular tourist attraction spread across a area of 572 hectares. Entry to this dam is only during specific timings because it is located in the forest area. This dam was built by Kudremukha Iron Ore Company to check the pollution created during mining. The length of the dam is 1048 mt and height is 108 mt. The dam is surrounded by rich vegetation and scenary.

Lakya dam timings

Weekday : 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

Weekend : 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. 

Lakhya Dam tourist attractions


The dam offers a good picnic spot with this majestic view and its surroundings. This place also offers a great view of the Kuduremukha forest area.


It is a great view for sunset. A pleasant walk here along with the setting son is a wonderful experience.

Things to do in Lakya Dam

  • Stroll through the dam
  • Experience the sunset

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Travel Guide

How to reach Lakya Dam

Lakya dam is just 5 km away from Kuduremukha. Proceed from Kuduremukha towards sout west to Kalasa Main road. Proceed for 3 km and turn right to Lakya Dam road. Proceed for 1 more km to reach Lakya dam.


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