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Attractions : Hill station, Nature
Season : January to December
Weather : Summer (16 to 28°C), Winter (12 to 20°C)


Madikeri is a beautiful hill station located in the Western Ghats. It is the headquarters of Kodagu District.

Madikeri tourist attractions

Abbey Falls

Abbey falls is a picnic spot 5 km away from Madikeri. The Water falls from a height of 70 ft amidst huge boulders to offer a great view.


Mandalpatti is a scenic place. A walk in this place is mesmerising. The great view of the pushpagiri hill range amidst the dark and white cloulds provide a great experience of being with the nature. There are jeeps available to reach this place from Abbey falls. There are jeeps available from the Madikeri bus stand too.

Raja Seat

This is a popular view point. There is a garden surrounding it. It used to be the favourite spot for Kings of Kodagu and hence the name. The structure is a small square with pillar four pillars. It is located in a vantage point and hence we can have an enchanting view of the surrounding hills and valleys. Below the structure, there is a viewing point for visitors. There is a beautiful garden build around Raja seat. On the left side of the garden, there is a small path which leads to two other view points.

Madikeri Fort

Madikeri fort is in existence since the last quarter of 17th century. The fort and a palace was built by Mudduraja during his tenure. Subsequently, this fort has been captured by many rulers. Tippu Sultan renovated this fort in granite and renamed it as Jaffarabad. Mysore ruler, Lingaraja Wodeyar II also made some renovations.The British added a church in 1834. The fort is worth a visit. Two life size masonry elephants at the north east corner of the entrance is another attraction.

Omkareshwara Temple

Omkareshwara temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. There is a history associated with the construction of this temple. King Lingarajendra killed a innocent Brahmin for his political advantage. The Brahmin's spirit is said to have troubled the king in the form of Brahmarakshasa. The King was advised to construct a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva to overcome his troubles. The temple was constructed and the Shivalinga was brought and established here. The temple was named Omkareshwara. It is said the spirit stoped troubling the king once the temple was established. This temple has Islamic and Gothic styles of Architecture with dome and minarets. There is a small pond opposite to the temple.

Omkareshwara Temple timings

Morning - 6:30 AM to 12:00 pm

Evening - 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Bhagamandala is the place where three rivers namely Kaveri, Kanika and Sujyothi meet. It is a popular pilgrim center and also a great picnic spot. There are steps which lead to Triveni Sangama. It is a common practice to visit Bhagamandala first before going to Talakaveri. Just beside Sangama, there is the beautiful Bhagandeshwara temple.

Things to do in Madikeri

  • Enjoy the journey enroute
  • Enjoy the wonderful view from Raja Seat especially during sunset.
  • Have fun at Abbey falls and enjoy the views at Mandalpatti
  • Visit the Madikeri fort
  • Visit the Omkareshwara temple
  • Take a holy bath in Bhagamandala and have prasadam at the temple.

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Travel Guide

How to reach Madikeri

Nearest Bus Station

Madikeri has good connectivity by bus from many places in Karnataka.

Nearest Railway Station

Nearest railway stations are Hassan, Kasargod in Karnataka.

Nearest Airport

Mangalore International Airport is 140 km away from Madikeri.

How to reach Madikeri from Bangalore


Bangalore to Madikeri by bus is a 6 hour journey. There are regular buses running from Bangalore to Madikeri.

Car / Taxi

From Bangalore, connect to Bangalore - Mysore road. Follow State Highway 17 to KRS road in Karimanti. Continue on KRS road to reach Elivala. Connect to Mysore Madikeri road to Kannada Bane. From here, Madikeri town is 2 km away. This route goes through Mandya, Mysore, Hunsur, Kushalnagar.

How to reach Madikeri from Mysore


Mysore to Madikeri by bus is a 3 hour journey. There are regular buses available from Mysore to Madikeri.

Car / Taxi

Mysore to Madikeri distance by road is 118 km. From Mysore, connect to Hunsur Road. From here, go along Mysore Madikeri road to State Highway 27. Drive along this road to reach Madikeri. This route goes through Devarahalli, Hunsur, Kushalnagar to reach Madikeri.


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