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Rated 3.5 / 5 - based on 100 reviews
Attractions : Sangama
Season : January to March,September to December
Weather : Summer (25 to 37°C), Winter (20 to 25°C)


Mekedatu (English translation: "Goat's leap"), is a location along the Kaveri river near Kanakapura Taluk of Karnataka and is around 2 hours from Bangalore. There is a place called Sangama, which is around 3.5 kms from this place, where 2 rivers Arkavati and Kaveri meet. From this confluence point the river flows in narrow gorges and would reach a point where one would think that a goat can leap across it. Hence, the name.

The best time to visit Mekedatu would be post monsoon, when the Kaveri is full of water.

Mekedaatu Tourist attractions


Sangama is around 3.5 kms before Mekedatu and is a confluence point of 2 rivers: Arkavati and Kaveri. There are buses available from Sangama to Mekedatu.

Chunchi falls

Chunchi falls is a waterfall which is located around 5kms before Sangama. The best time to visit Chunchi falls would be post monsoon.

Mekedatu Tourist guidelines

  • As the river flows ferrociously at Mekedatu, it is not advised to indulge in any water activities such as swimming. Even after tragic deaths that have happened in this spot, one can hardly find any warning signs.
  • The cliff is slippery during any given season near the narrow gorge.
  • There are crocodiles which inhabit this water, which makes it all the more dangerous.

Things to do in Mekedaatu

  • Enjoy the view of the surroundings of Sangama.
  • Take the boat road in Sangama to reach the other side.
  • Take the epic bus ride to reach Mekedaatu from Sangama. Alternate option is to walk 6 km to reach Mekedaatu.
  • Enjoy the view of river gushing through the rock formations at Mekedaatu.

Hotels in Mekedaatu

Travel Guide

How to reach Mekedaatu

There is good connectivity to Mekedaatu through Kanakapura. From Kanakapura, Mekedaatu is just 26 km. One has to reach Sangama to reach Mekedaatu. After reaching Sangama, one needs to take a boat ride to cross the river. There are buses available from Sangama to Mekedaatu every half hour.

Nearest Bus Station:-

Kanakapura (around 1.5 hours from Bangalore) is the nearest bus station.

Nearest Railway Station:-

Kanakapura is the nearest railway station.

Nearest Airport:-

Bangalore is the nearest airport.

How to reach Mekedaatu from Bangalore


There are bus services available from Bengaluru to Sangama. Most of the buses are available thorugh Kanakapura route.

Car / Taxi

Bengaluru to Kanakapura distance is 194 km distance and is approximately a 4 and a half hour journey. From Bengaluru, join to Kanakapura road. Follow Kanakapura - Sangama road in Mugguru Forest to reach Sangama.

How to reach Mekedaatu from Mysore

Car / Taxi

Mysore to Mekedaatu distance is 124 km. From Mysore, connect to MG road to National Highway 150A / National Highway 212 in Ittigegudu. Follow Mavalli Mysore road and National Highway 209 to Sathanuru. Continue on Doddalahalli. Take a right to Kanakapura Sangama road to reach Sangama.