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Rated 3.4 / 5 - based on 100 reviews
Attractions : Waterfalls
Season : January to December
Weather : Summer (23 to 38°C), Winter (14 to 28°C)


Mugebailu Falls is one of the nice and small waterfalls located near Sringeri. It is just 10 kms away from Sringeri at a place called Kigga. It is a fun place where people can enjoy in the water, ideal for children to play.

Mugebailu tourist attractions


It is a great place to enjoy the waterfall. An ideal place to spend some time with water and have some fun.

Things to do in Mugebailu 

  • Enjoy the journey enroute.
  • Soak in water at the waterfall and have a great time.

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Travel Guide

How to reach Mugebailu falls

Mugebailu is just 10 km from Sringeri. Srigeri is well connected by road. There are buses frequently plying for Hassan, Chikkamagalur, Agumbe.

Nearest Bus Station

Sringeri is the nearest bus station.

Nearest railway station

Udupi railway station is 96 km away and Shimoga railway station is 114 km away.

Nearest Airport (s)

Mangalore is the nearest airport.


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