Nandi Hills

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Attractions : Tippu's drop, Tippu's Summer Palace and Fort, Nehru Nilaya, Muddenahalli
Season : January to December
Weather : Summer (25 to 30°C), Winter (15 to 25°C), Rainy (20 to 25°C)


Nandi Hills also called as Nandidurg is a hill station near Bangalore, Karnataka. It is located in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka state. These hills are a popular tourist spot during summers. One can visit Nandi hills at any time of the year.Tippu Sultan, who was a ruler of Kingdom of Mysore, built a summer retreat here, the remnants of which can still be seen. Nandi Hills is cool throughout the year and extremely wet during rainy season. It is advised to visit during summers as the weather would be pleasant and lovely. It would be coolest during the winters where it is mostly cloudy, lessening your chances of watching a good sunrise/sunset.

Muddenahalli, the home-town of Sir M. Visvesvaraya, a legendary engineer from Karnataka, is very near to this place.  

Nandi Hills tourist attractions

Nature and Surroundings

The surroundings of Nandi hills have a natural charm. As we near this place, temperatures come down and one call feel the romance in the air. Roads run through the top of the hill. There are many parks and makeshift wooden houses which can be visited. The wooden houses built on platforms offer excellent photo opportunities. A walk in the surroundings is a pleasant experience.

Tippu drop

This is a cliff. All convicted criminals were pushed from this drop to their death during the reign of Tippu.

Tippu Summer palace and fort

This was the summer residence of Tippu Sultan. It is also known as Tashk-e-Jannat. This was built in 1791 atop the hill. This place is closed to general public.

Horse way

This was specially made for soldiers to climb the hill on their horses.

Amrutha Sarovara

This is a small lake on the hill formed by water trickling down from the hills. It never dries throughout the year.


Sri Ugra Narasimha Temple, Sri Yoga Narasimha Temple and Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple are some of the temples located in the vicinity.

Things to do in Nandi Hills

  • Watch sunrise/sunset.
  • Visit the must-see place, the Tippu's drop, breathtaking view from the cliff which is at least 600 metres in depth.
  • Challenge yourself on a one-day trek from the foot of the hills to the top.
  • Enjoy a bicycle ride(where you can stop and take in nature's beauty enroute) till the top.
  • For adventure enthusiasts, try paragliding from the top of Nandi Hills (with necessary precautions and preferably with a professional co-glider).
  • Stay in the Traveler's bungalow.
  • Pay a visit to the farms, vineyards and nurseries  which you can find enroute to Nandi hills.

Hotels in Nandi Hills

Travel Guide

How to reach Nandi Hills

Nearest Bus station

Nandi Hills (Direct buses from Bangalore), Chikkaballapur

Nearest Railway station


Nearest airport

Bangalore International Airport

How to reach Nandi Hills from Bangalore


There are direct buses from Bangalore's Central Bus Station by KSRTC. It takes around 1 to 1.5 hours to reach Nandi Hills, depending on the traffic. Although, there are few/no buses after 12/1 p.m.

Car / Taxi

On the route to Devanahalli (Bangalore International Airport), take left to Nandi Hills. The NH7 Bangalore-Hyderabad highway is at its best, once you reach outskirts of Bangalore. The roads from the highway till the foot of the hills are good as well. In short, it would be a great drive from Bangalore city, one of the most refreshing and thrilling one (provided you leave early) you can have near Bangalore.


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