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Rated 4.0 / 5 - based on 100 reviews
Attractions : Nature, Wildlife
Season : October to May
Weather : Summer (24 to 33°C), Winter (22 to 28°C), Rainy (23 to 28°C)


Masinagudi is a green heaven located near the Madhumalai tiger reserve in the Nilgiri hills. "Masina" is the name of a Hindu Godess, "Gudi" means a small temple. There is a temple located here and that is how the place derived it's name. Nature, Wildlife, abundant species of mammals and birds, resorts, temple - This place has a lot to offfer. This region has become popular for resorts. There are around 40 resorts which operate in Masinagudi. There are reserved forest areas in this region which host a wide range of wildlife. This is an example where people and wildlife co-exist. There are a lot of trekking trails avaiable in this region for trek enthusiasts.

Masinagudi tourist attractions

Resort Stay

There are around 40 resorts which operate in Masinagudi. These resorts are located amidst wildlife and nature. A stay in one of these offers an enriching experience. It's a common sight to see peacocks, deers and other animals in the property. It is often advised to people not to venture out in any of these properties in the night due to the presence of wild animals in the region.

Jungle Safari

There are safari's organised in Masinagudi. If you are travelling from Bandipur, one can see that there are many local folks offering safari rides. Advise is not to take the. It is better to undetake safaris from recognised agents. Usually the resorts have safaris organised which is safe. There are two kinds of safaris, the one in the Madhumalai tiger reserve and the other in Masinagudi PM road. Both offer chances to sight elephants, snakes, porcupine, wild boars, deers etc, although tiger sigthing is quite rare. If one is serious about tiger sigthing, better chances are in Bandipur tiger reserve which organises safaris.

Safari timings :-

Morning - 6:30 am to 9:00 am.

Evening - 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Bird watching

There are a whole host of exotic species of birds found in the region. Some migratory birds come from as far as Europe. It's a birdies paradise.

Elephant Camp

There is an elephant camp located in Masinagudi where Elephants are taken care of. These elephants are the ones rescued from wildlife, temples, etc. In the evening, around 5:00 pm the public is allowed to view the feeding of elephants. There is information provided about the elephants and its diet. It is a great opportunity to view these elephants upclose.

Tea, Coffee and Pepper plantations

The tea and coffee of the Nilgiris are very popular. Many resorts offer plantation visits which would include a tour of the tea/ cofee estate property and also a walk through the tea/ coffee factory.

Vibhootimalai temple and view point

Vibhootimalai is another view point. The place derives its name from the Vibhootimalai temple which is located at the top. The point is accessible through road and there is also a trek which can be taken from the other side. The point offers a good view of the valley.

Masinagudi temple

There is a 800 year old temple of Godess Masini. This is how the place derived it's name.

Masinagudi things to do

  • Enjoy the stay and sink in the feeling of the place by staying in any of the resort options available. Living amidst nature and wildlife is an exhilerating experience.
  • Take the Jungle safari.
  • Bird watching is another interesting activity.
  • Take a trek to Vibhootimalai.
  • Visit the elephant camp around 5:00 pm to get upclose with the elephants and wath them feed.
  • Visit any of the tea / coffee plantations in the Nilgiris.

Hotels in Masinagudi

Travel Guide

How to reach Masinagudi

Masinagudi is easy accessible from Bandipur National park. Just beside Bandipur is the Madhumalai tiger reserve. Masinagudi is located in the region. The best way to reach Masinagudi is through car / taxi.

Nearest Bus Station

Masinagudi is the nearest bus station.

Nearest Railway Station

Coimbatore is the nearest railway station.

Nearest Airport

Mysore is the nearest  airport to Masinagudi.

How to reach Masinagudi from Bangalore

Car / Taxi

Bangalore to Masinagudi distance is 244 via Mysore road and National Highway 275. From Bangalore, connect to Mysore road and drive on to National Highway 275. Take the National Highway 766 to MDR700 in Theppakadu. Follow this road to reach Masinagudi. This route goes through Ramnagara, Maddur, Mandya, Srirangapatna, Mysore, Nanjangud, Bandipur National Park and Madhumalai National Park to reach Madhumalai.

How to reach Masinagudi from Mysore

Car / Taxi

Mysore to Masinagudi distance is 118 km via State Highway 86 and National Highway 181. It is approximately a 3 hour journey from Mysore. From Mysore, proceed to Bogadi road to Mananthavadi road /SH 33 in Kolagala.Drive from SH 86 and NH181 to Mudumalai. Follow this road to reach Masinagudi. This route goes through Begur, Bandipur and Madhumali to reach Masinagudi.


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