Day Hiking Essentials | How To Pack For A Day Hike

Day Hiking Essentials | How to pack for a day hike

Hello guys,

We all love day-hiking, don’t we? All it takes is a day and we don’t have to plan much. But are we also careful enough to pack highly necessary day hiking essentials?

Today I would like to list down things that are Day Hiking Essentials that are required  for a day hike/trek. Kindly use this as a checklist and improvise if required (and share with me!). I would be breaking down the things into Essentials and Add-ons.

The Essentials list is inspired from the famous Ten Essentials which first appeared in the book Mountaineering: The Freedom of The Hills by The Mountaineers of Seattle, Washington. I have made modifications of my own to this list based on some of my experiences.


  • Water (at least 2 ltrs per person)
    water bottle
  • 20-30L Backpack (preferably water-proof/resistant) – or use a dry-liner if it’s not waterproof
    back packing hiker
  • First Aid Kit + Sanitary items
    first aid kit
  • Navigation/Map, Compass & GPS
    navigation map compass
  • Small Towel/Handkerchief
  • Flashlight/Headlamp
    head lamps flashlight
  • Lighter/Matches
  • Sunscreen & Sunglasses/Safety glasses
    safety glasses
  • High-ankled trek boots (one with good grip)
    high ankle treking shoes


  • Whistle
  • Cap & Scarf
  • Food (Meal + Snacks) – Sandwich, Dark Chocolates, Cookies, Nuts and Dry Fruits etc


  • Phone & Power Bank
  • Waterproof down jacket (or something similar)
    leather jacket
  • Camera
  • Sports Drink/Gatorade
  • Trek Pole
  • Chapstick/Lipbalm (with SPF)

I have put the complete list for your reference in JPG form. Just right-click and save as, to save the final list.

day hiking essentials

This list came very handy recently during our Savandurga Trek. Let me know if you find this useful. Do you have your own list of day hiking essentials? If yes, do comment below and share with me.

Now that you are all packed, check out the famous trekking spots near Bangalore such as Nandi HillsShivagangeSavandurgaSkandagiri and Makalidurga. Do visit our Travel Highway portal for more information on places in and around Bangalore and Mysore

Happy Hiking Y’all!

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