Gokarna Travelogue | 2-day itinerary to Gokarna

Gokarna, a place that has become synonymous to Nirvana (not the band!). This is where we were on last year’s Valentine’s day along with couple of our friends. If you are planning a Gokarna getaway for a weekend, you are in the right place (or if it’s in near future, feel free to bookmark this). So, without further ado, here was our itinerary to Gokarna.

Gokarna Travelogue | 2-day itinerary to Gokarna

Day 1 in Gokarna: Om Beach, Half-moon Beach, Paradise Beach

We left on Friday night by a sleeper bus at around 10:00 pm and reached on Saturday morning by 9:00 am. It’s a relatively longer journey (almost 10 hrs from Bangalore), so be prepared. We stayed in the town, approximately 3kms from Om beach. As we did not take our own vehicles, we hired rental bikes for 2 days (Although, it wasn’t much of use for the first day). We headed to Om Beach first as we hadn’t planned anything in particular.

Om Beach Entrance Gokarna

Om Beach Entrance, Gokarna

At Om Beach, Gokarna

At Om Beach, Gokarna

Om Beach got its name from the “Om” shape the shore takes as seen from a bird’s eye view. You shouldn’t miss Om Beach while planning your itinerary to Gokarna. It was already nearing 12 pm by the time we reached Om beach and it was hot. Not hot enough to get burnt, but if we stayed longer in sun, we sure would have gotten toasted at least. On a good day, you will find one or two water sports here. We spotted jet-skiing but all they did was go for 100 mts or so and come back, that too with the guide! I know I wouldn’t have had the guts to drive it, but still I would like to have an option Smile with tongue out The water was not so good, Om beach’s water is dirty. The kind that stings your eyes if you take a dip. But that didn’t stop us from diving into it in the hot sun like a bunch of dogs that wanna cool off Open-mouthed smile There are lots of cafés and shacks around including the very famous Namaste café. We ended up having our brunch in one of the cafés.

Om Beach, Itinerary to Gokarna

Om Beach Gokarna

Om Shape of the Beach Gokarna

Om – Shape of the Beach

On the way to Half moon beach Gokarna

On the way to Half moon beach

Mid way to Half moon beach

Mid way to Half moon beach

Enroute Half Moon Beach


After strolling around aimlessly in the shores of Om beach, we decided to head to Half-moon beach which is around 1 km from Om. It’s small hike that takes not more than half hour (provided you are on the right track). And what a blessing in disguise it was. Had we been still strolling around back in Om beach, we would have missed the views the nature presented itself to us completely! The sights were more than awesome. The Half-moon beach was less crowded than Om beach. After spending half hour more, we took a boat that just gave us glimpses of Paradise beach and the lighthouse. If you have time, complete the entire circuit on foot i.e., Om beach – Half-moon beach – Paradise beach – lighthouse. Of course, leave a little earlier and ask any of café owners for right directions as one would definitely get lost on the way.

Half moon beach gokarna

Half moon beach, Gokarna

The short boat trip ended at Om beach and we witnessed one of the most gorgeous sunsets ever! Om beach truly has one of the most colorful sunsets. The sun appeared like a bright orange ball on fire. There was nothing much we could do but stare at it in awe. In spite of hundreds of people on the shore, a sense of calmness surrounded me. Even thoughts could go mute there. And thus ended our Saturday, more beautifully than we could ask for.

Om Beach Sunset Gokarna

Om Beach Sunset Gokarna

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Day 2 in Gokarna: Mahabaleshwara & Ganesha Temples, Gokarna Beach, Mirjan Fort, Kudle Beach

Ganesha Temple Gokarna

Ganesha Temple, Gokarna

Mahabaleshwara Temple Gokarna

Mahabaleshwara Temple, Gokarna

Today, we decided to put our bikes to some good use and visit the nearby places in Gokarna. We headed to the famous Mahabaleshwara & Ganesha temples in Gokarna and street shopped for a while after that. On the way to the temples we spotted a peacock on the road! Wish I had a picture, but we were too enthralled to take out our cameras. The Gokarna beach is well within a few meters to the temples and street shops. Since it was very hot and humid, we spent more time in the little shops sipping tender coconut rather than getting grilled in the sun.

After a while, we found out that Mirjan Fort is around 25 kms from Gokarna and took our bikes out for a ride. The roads were good except for the last stretch. The fort was a beauty on its own and a perfect place for a photoshoot during dusk. It might take around half hour to one to explore the fort. Do add t Once our legs started giving away we headed back to Gokarna but this time towards Kudle beach. Kudle was way less crowded than Om and the water was nice too! The sunset was splendid and we just sat there, absorbing the last few beautiful images that Gokarna had to offer to us before we headed back to Bangalore.

And thus ended our small weekend getaway with many memories.. etched (and hence the very detailed recollection, even after a year!). Have a great vacation in Gokarna, if you are headed there soon. If not, please make it your next in the bucket list.

Gokarna Beach

Gokarna Beach

Mirjan Fort Gokarna

Mirjan Fort, Gokarna

Mirjan Fort Stairs Gokarna

Stairway to …

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View from the top of Mirjan Fort

View from the top of Mirjan Fort

Way to Kudle Beach

Way to Kudle Beach

Calm sunset at kudle beach

Sunset at Kudle Beach

Kudle Beach Sunset

Man vs Wild?

Tips for your stay in Gokarna:

  • If you are planning to drive from Bangalore to Gokarna, I suggest not to. Gokarna is approximately 500 kms from Bangalore and it would be a very long drive (unless you want to do it). There are plenty of buses available from KSRTC or other private buses (Check Redbus).
  • We had stayed in Gokarna town at Greenland Guest House, which was approximately 3 kms from Gokarna Beach. A decent budget-friendly stay. The owners are friendly and they can arrange a bonfire on request.
  • Rentals bikes cost you around Rs.250 to 300 per day, without petrol, during peak season (lesser during off-season). If quoted more, try to bargain.
  • Check with the hotel/resort staff to get you a good deal on rental bikes/cars.
  • Park your vehicles in the designated parking areas of the places only. Otherwise you are risking damaging your vehicle even more. Both Gokarna and Kudle beaches have parking areas of their own, use them.
  • If you are in the mood, try to cover the trek circuit of Kudle – Om – Half-moon – Paradise beaches and back (or vice-versa). You will be blessed with splendid views (and I will sport the “you are welcome” face).
  • Do not try to cover everything in “Places to visit in Gokarna” list of yours. Enjoy and relax where you are. There is no place more chilled out, beautiful, with-the-nature AND spiritual than Gokarna.

Have you been there already? How has your experience been? Do comment and share your itinerary to Gokarna and your experiences.

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All photos courtesy: Harsha Photography & @travelhighway

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33 thoughts on “Gokarna Travelogue | 2-day itinerary to Gokarna

  1. Ganapati Hegde

    Gokarna is a beautiful place. I had visited couple of times. The article is exceptionally well written. You need to make a book out of your travelogues.
    The snaps taken by you are awesome. Looking forward for your other travelogues 🙂

  2. Sourav Sarkar

    Thanks a lot ma’am for informing us so well.
    can you also tell me about the lodging options in Gokarna.
    We are a few students who will be going to gokarna on the first weekend on April.

    Thanks a lot

    1. Anuradha Post author

      Hi Sourav,

      Glad that the post was helpful! 🙂
      Some of the options for accommodations that I would suggest are:

      1.Namaste Yoga Farm
      2.Greenland Guest House
      3.Bougain Villa

      Since its peak time, I would suggest to do the booking asap. Lodges such as Namaste Cafe would be booked out at this time of the year I guess.
      We had stayed in Greenland Guest House and it was good-enough + budget-friendly. Do check the availability for your dates.
      Hope this helps. Have a great trip! 🙂

  3. Darpan

    Hi Anuradha,

    Really a well-explained blog. Tips are great. Btw I am reaching Gokarna on 15-Apr. It would be great if u can answer some of my queries:

    1. Please share the contact no of the bike rental service. Just found one online.
    2. Which beach is the cleanest among all in order to dive in?
    3. I see u havent mentioned Murudeshwar temple in here. What made u not visit that?
    4. Which one is better in Om and Kudle beach for viewing sunset, considering cleanliness and view?
    5. Please share names of some good food joints.

    Eagerly waiting for ur reply!
    And ya keep the good work going. 🙂


    1. Anuradha Post author

      Hi Darpan,

      Thanks for your kind words. Glad that my post was useful! Coming to your questions,

      1. We hired bikes from a friend of the owner of our rooms. He was really helpful. We had stayed in Greenland Guest House .
      2.I found Kudle to be the cleanest. Other beaches are a little far from the town. Hence, Kudle is the best option I believe. Do take precaution.
      3. Murdeshwara is around 60kms from Gokarna and it wasn’t part of our plan. We were only in Gokarna for the weekend.
      4. Well, tough question. Om has a better sunset and the surroundings, whereas Kudle is lot cleaner and less crowded 😛 Go for Om if you want to have the best sunset 🙂
      5. Sorry, won’t be able to help you much here! We didn’t explore much eateries when we were there (I’m a vegetarian). The street near Gokarna beach had great tender coconuts and fruit juices. Do check those out.

  4. Diksha

    We are two female travellers planning to visit Gokarna. Do you consider Gokarna to be safe for female travellers without any male companions?

    1. Anuradha Post author

      Yes, Diksha. Definitely. Just choose an accommodation closer by the town or where the population is not so scarce (like where there would be many resorts/hotels nearby). Also, while exploring, stick to places that are not too secluded.

  5. Sai Krishnan

    Hi Anuradha,
    We, a group of 4 people are planning to visit Gokarana during the last weekend of October(Diwali time). Currently we are not planing to book any hotels. Should we do that?

  6. Sulabh

    Thanks for sharing the information about gokarna, I am going on extended weekend of 26 jan and now i can plan my trip after reading your wonderful post. please help me on what location should i choose to stay?

    1. Anuradha Post author

      Thanks for your kind words Sulabh. We stayed at Greenland Guest House (link mentioned in the blog). It’s a basic budget-stay. Check out the end of the blog post for more options!

  7. Mayukh

    Hi Anuradha,

    The blog is really helpful for fellow travellers going to Gokarna for 1st time. I need a suggestion from u. As I n my wife would be visiting there for a weekend. Is 2 days (will be leaving blor on friday night by bus/train & then from Gokarna on sunday night) good enough ???

    1. Anuradha Post author

      Hi Mayukh. Glad the blog post is proving helpful for all the fellow travelers.
      Yes, its definitely enough. Ours was the same plan where we left Bangalore on a Friday night and Gokarna on Sunday night. And we managed to visit all these places at a chilled-out pace.
      Have an awesome trip!

  8. uday

    HI Anuradha,
    first of all wonderful & nice blog..

    we are 4 guys and 3 girls are planning to visit on 4th & 5 th march . we need some info
    1).can we get car rentals to cover all beaches in one day ..how much they will charge./
    2). is there any autos /buses to go from one beach to other beach? wat abt transportation facilities ?
    3). can we cover all beaches by going by walk?
    4).can we get fresh up hotels /rooms?

    1. Anuradha Post author

      Hi Uday. I’d recomend you to book hotel/resort in advance. Check out the end of blog post for a couple of suggestions for hotels in Gokarna.

      Also, its very tiring to cover all the beaches on foot. You do get autos but if the beaches are secluded (which I doubt will be, as it is a peak season), I cannot guarantee. Public transport is restricted in and around the center town. If any of you can drive, rent a car or multiple 2 wheelers (which is what we did). This is the easiest way to explore Gokarna. For rental options, talk to your hotel staff in advance and ask them to cut you a deal or get you a local company’s contact.

      Hope it helps. Have a great trip!

  9. Santhosh kumar Gottumukkala

    thanks for sharing your experience.
    I am planning in the month of july or august. is it good?
    and i am planning for staying pinch tents for night stay. is it safe for girls? if safe where can i pinch my tents to stay in night?

    1. Anuradha Post author

      Hi Santhosh. If you like monsoons and beach, you will like Gokarna. It will not be as sunny and clear like in summer so please do not expect sunsets to be as spectacular as it usually is. Nevertheless, its more peaceful and uncrowded. I have no idea about camping and its safety. Plus you might need permission if you are planning to pitch anywhere near beach as beaches are patroled during nights.

  10. Aashish

    Hi.. I and my friends are planning to spend 28-30 July in Gokarna. Would you suggest to visit the place considering the season and how much it will cost per head approximately? We are around 7 people.

    1. Anuradha Post author

      Hi Aashish,
      If you like monsoons and beach, you will like Gokarna in July. And the budget can go pretty low, depending on what you are looking for. You will get rooms/dorms/shacks for less than 400 INR/day since its low season. A bike hire per day should set you back by 250 INR/day and can also go less if your bargaining skills are good.

  11. Aravind Ravichandran

    We as a people of 4 are planning to gokarna from sep30 to oct 2nd weekend ,would it be perfectly fine if we start on sep30th morning by car to gokarna and start again by oct 2nd morning and reach here by evening ?

    And can you please let me know what are the places that we can visit and relish on the way to gokarna?

    And what will be the safer option of days for the stay to be booked in gokarna ?

    1. Anuradha Post author

      If you are traveling by car on both 30th & 2nd, you will be left with a day or two at Gokarna. I suggest you guys explore Gokarna and the places that I have mentioned in the post above.

      You can check out Namaste Cafe, Greenland hotel and the likes for budget hotels. Also check out my replies to the comments above for other stay suggestions. Wish you all a great trip!

  12. Stefanie Pinto

    Hi Anuradha,

    Your blog in really helpful and good. Lovely clicks.

    I would like to know how safe in Gokarna for a lone traveller ?


    1. Anuradha Post author

      Thanks for your lovely comment Stephanie. I would say it depends on where you stay. Choose a safer place near the center of the town and do not stay out long and trust your instincts.

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