IN PHOTOS: Makalidurga Trek

If you have been following us on Instagram, you probably already know that we recently went on a trek to Makalidurga, a place near Bangalore. Makalidurga trek is a beautiful one that even beginners can go for. But beware, the trail is not as easy as just climbing a grassland on a hillock (Although I hoped for it to be). The trail is covered with loose sands, steep rocks to be rewarded at the top with beautiful short grasslands (depending on the weather). You can see the ruins of a fort and a small temple at the top. A roundabout at the top for more than an hour through the walls of the fort had us satiated.

Makalidurga Trek First Look

Makalidurga Trek First Look

Makalidurga is situated at approximately 60 kms from Bangalore. The drive is a breeze with the airport road offering us the very much needed break, away from the maddening traffic of the Bangalore city. The trek begins at the base of the railway track. The altitude that one reaches at the top is approximately 1,200 mts. Make sure you have carried at least 2 liters water per person and some snacks and refreshments, as nothing is available till/at the top. To sum up, Makalidurga trek makes for a perfect weekend trekking activity near Bangalore. Makalidurga has to be one of the most offbeat places near Bangalore that is so less crowded, that you literally have to look for people.

I will write a detailed post on how to reach, when to trek, the trek route, what to take etc. But for now, I thought I will let you indulge in the scenic pictures that Harsha and I took during our Makalidurga trek.

The beginning of Makalidurga Trek

The Beginning…

The drive to Makalidurga

The drive

Trek Route Makalidurga

Trek Route to Makalidurga. Notice the markings on the rock? Its there throughout

Makalidurga Trek

Rising, one step at a time!

Makalidurga Trek View

Would you look at that?

Enroute Makalidurga

Shot on GoPro, what do you think?

Makalidurga Trek Route

Green, green everywhere

Temple at the top of Makalidurga

Temple at the top of Makalidurga

Top of Makalidurga

All smiles at the top of Makalidurga

Makalidurga Top

I’m running out of captions!

Makalidurga Top

Top of the world!

Roundabout Makalidurga Fort

Roundabout the Makalidurga Fort

Makalidurga top

Had to take it now, didn’t we?

Makalidurga fort

The views..

View from Makalidurga top

Can you believe this is only 2 hours from the city?

Never ending views of Makalidurga

Never ending views!

Makalidurga Trek

The rustic Makalidurga

Makalidurga Landscapes

Landscapes, how could I get enough of you?

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18 thoughts on “IN PHOTOS: Makalidurga Trek

  1. Shrilesh Naik

    Hey nice pics!, can you please add some more details to the blog, with other details , on how to reach, parking conditions at base village,etc.

    1. Anuradha Post author

      Hi Abhinay,

      I would be writing a detailed guide pretty soon (it got delayed a lot). If you have any questions or need more info just shoot a mail. Hope you have a wonderful trek!

  2. Sita Krishnamurthy

    Intrigued by the photographs. We are a group of adventure loving 60+ women who have been trekking around India at every opportunity possible. But somehow missed the Makalidurga! Please post a little more detail about approach road, season for trekking and approximate time it would take. Thank you

  3. Anand S N

    Your pics are really inspiring.Thumbs up 4 u Both πŸ™‚
    I am planning to go there with my kins. What type/brand of shoes will you recommend & are the rocky areas tough to climb ?

    1. Anuradha Post author

      Hi Anand. Thank you for your kind words. It really inspires us to put up more of our travel experiences.

      Yes, it is very rocky with loose sands at places. Gets tough as you go by. Do not recommend it for small kids. But if you take it slow, you can definitely complete the trek. Have a safe trek!

    1. Anuradha Post author

      Hi Archita,

      I would not suggest only two girls to venture out there. But if its on a weekend, I think its relatively safe as I saw many families post 10-11 am. Having said that, we always suggest people to go to treks in groups, be it large or small.

    1. Anuradha Post author

      I’m not sure about new developments there Vishnu. There were no officials to monitor the area when I had been there. You can call somebody from the Forest Dept and check.

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