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This is the final part of 3 part series on our Roopkund trek experience.
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Roopkund Trek Experience – Part 3

Day 6: Bhagwabhasa to Roopkund – Junargali (Altitude: 5000m/16200ft) back to Pathar Nachauni (Total Distance: ~12kms)

Breaking dawn on the way to Roopkund

Breaking dawn, half the way to Roopkund

As soon as I woke up at 2 am, I knew it was gonna be a long and hard day. We started our epic journey to the summit of Roopkund by 4 am in the morning. Since the daylight wouldn’t be out for hours, we took out our torches. The overall distance to Roopkund from Bhagwabhasa is around 3.5kms out of which the first 3kms is a flat trail with very limited and short ascents and descents. The last 0.5km trek to the top was very exhilarating as that part of the trail was steep and a combination of loose sand and small stones. The width was just enough for a person to keep both the feet (This is when I felt grateful for the expensive-as-hell trek shoes).

It was one of those “I finally did it” moments when I reached Roopkund. 8 days in an unknown land, attaining high altitude every day, testing mental and physical endurance, I was there. Safe and sound. Although, I have to admit that the sight of the Roopkund was a disappointment. There was no water, no snow, nothing at all. Only stones, and of course, skeletons. Junargali was the next destination, which is a sharp ridge rising above Roopkund lake. It approximately took some 20 minutes to reach Junargali. I just hoped Junargali gave us more views than this. And boy was I glad I climbed uphill to Junargali. It was steeper than the climb to Roopkund, very scary and made me wary (No, I did not get a course on rhyming). But the views were ALL worth it. The endearing Mt.Trishul was right beside us!. If I’m not wrong, this is the closest you can get to near Mt.Trishul, in any of the Himalayan treks. Did you know, you would not lose the sight of Mt.Trishul and Nanda Ghunti throughout the trek!

After around 20 minutes, the dreadful descent began (I hate descents!). We reached Bhagwabhasa and after half hour or so, left for Pathar Nachauni and camped for the night.

At the top of Roopkund

Roopkund, successfully summited!

Human skeletons at Roopkund Lake

Human skeletons at Roopkund Lake

Temple at the top

Temple at the top

Junargali at 16,000 feet

Junargali at 16,200 feet

Roopkund + Junargali, we had done it!

Roopkund + Junargali, we had done it! Mt.Trishul and Mt. Nanda Ghunti were more than happy to pose with us.

When we looked back our journey

When we looked back at our journey

Day 7: Pathar Nachauni to Wan (Distance: ~11kms) to Lohajung

Remember, how I told you that the 1st day of this trek was 2nd most difficult one for me? Well, this was the most difficult day for me. It took every ounce of energy I had. Descending constantly for almost an entire day is not easy. It’s very hard on your knees and feet. We passed through both the camps, Bedni Bugyal and Ghaeroli Patal. From Bedni to Ghaeroli we took a short route and skipped Ali Bugyal. Lunch was served in Ghaeroli Patal and the descend to Neel Ganga began again. The short stop over at Neel Ganga was a blessing in disguise. Only during the last 1km of the trek, did it rain for a while. It hadn’t rained even a drop all the other days.

Roopkund descent

The descent.

Cute kids of Wan

Cute kids of Wan

The moment we reached Wan, it was all happy faces, exchanging congratulatory messages. We had done it! All of us! 🙂

And as a reward for myself …. I took shower the moment I reached base camp! Yayyyy! 😀 This too was a part of the experience on this trek. Forget about showering, washing our plates in bare hands was a challenge on its own. “Whose turn to do the dishes” was a common fight among couples and friends during the trek 😛 The shower at the base camp was the most sought after luxury once we reached Lohajung followed by a blissful, content sleep.

Day 8:  Lohajung to Kathgodam

The certificates were distributed to each one of us for successfully accomplishing the Roopkund Trek. We took a moment to thank our guides, without whom this trek would have simply been impossible. We returned to Bangalore the next day from Delhi. And an epic journey ended, with lots of memories and experiences.

PS: No one tells you this, but do make a note that acclimatizing to the city and its woes will be more challenging than the trek itself 😛 Proof for that is …

Back in Bangalore

Back in Bangalore

Hope you liked my Roopkund Trek Experience series. Do comment your thoughts on the same. I would be more than glad to help out if you have any queries.

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10 thoughts on “Roopkund Trek Experience – Part 3 | Himalayan Trek

  1. Gaurav

    Hi, I have also been to Roopkund before, its an awesome trek.

    Can you let me know how you increased the blue tone of sky in Junargali pic.


    1. Anuradha Post author

      Hi Gaurav,

      Yes, Roopkund is beyond amazing.
      Coming to the question, the sky was already that blue in Junargali. We only increased the contrast & saturation a bit. Hope this helps.

  2. Ashwini Kulkarni

    Ha ha! Couldn’t agree more on the last part about getting acclimatized to the city after spending 8 to 10 days in the lap of The Himalayas!

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