Tadiandamol Trek That Taught What Not To Do On A Trek

This post is written by our Guest Blogger Vaishnavi Rao.

Tadiandamol is the highest peak in Coorg and the third highest peak in Karnataka. Quite unaware of all these facts, we set out on this trek to measure the peak by foot. The total trek distance is 9 kms. Difficulty level-> Difficult for amateurs!

We were a huge group of around 15. All were classmates from engineering. Tadiandamol trek was an impromptu plan – so none of us were quite prepared for it. Through this blog, I will let you know what exactly you should NOT do on a trek! I did not even carry my shoes along. (Tip: Having good shoes is among the basic necessities during this trek) .When we started to ascend it was quite hot as the sun had already risen and was shining bright on top of our heads. There were few bottles of 1 liter each, approximately 7-8 I guess. It was a group decision not to drink water, at least initially. We had few mangoes and some fruits too. (Tip: Make sure you have enough water and always carry chocolates and biscuits as they give you instant energy)


First encounter was with a tar road with good number of inclined curves.  There was also a mud road after the tar road. This was mostly straight but with highly inclined ups and downs. My floaters were not helping me even a bit. With music and banter we could cover the mud path. On the way, we found a small stream. We could trace it on our map and we were delighted to have achieved our second milestone, base camp being the first. Little did we know that further journey was to be more enervating. We asked 2 boys who were coming down from the Tadiandamol peak about how much further to go and this is what they said. “You first get a 70 degree incline then a 90 degree incline. After that is a forest patch , then you will find peace”.

Base Camp | Tadiyandamol Trek Experience

The Base Camp

After relaxing for a bit, we started once again with more vigor. Our team was already split by then into 3 groups. As we kept moving, to add to our misery, there were these small insects which were curious to bite every trekker and test their patience. I wanted to spray a repellent over myself. Our happiness knew no bounds when we crossed the 70 degree incline and reached the 90 degree one. A 90 degree is practically impossible to climb, so I would say this was 89 degrees 😛 Supporting each other, convincing ourselves that soon we shall reach the peak, we pulled ourselves through the 89 degree incline. The forest path was steep but the roots of the tree gave us support to move forward. And since forest was thick and shady, it was a bit relaxing.

Path that leads to Tadiandamol Peak | Tadiandamol Trek Experience

Path that leads to Tadiandamol Peak

I was in the third group and for once we thought that we were lost. No sign from previous groups. No matter how many times we shouted out to them, we got no response. I was looking at other peaks, trying to see if I can spot them there. We called one of them, and all we heard was, “We are at top, we are at top” and the call got disconnected. We trusted our intuition and decided to continue our journey upwards. With a huge effort we made it to the peak. That feeling of conquering a peak cannot be described. We did stop many times on the way to look at beauty and greenery around. And every time we felt that it was worth the effort. Serenity and peacefulness were what we felt utmost at the top.

Forest Trails leading to Tadiyandamol Peak | Tadiyandamol Trek

The forest trails!

Tadiandamol Peak | Tallest peak in Coorg

Tadiandamol Peak, the tallest peak in Coorg

View from the Tadiandamol Peak, Coorg

View from the Tadiandamol Peak

After a while we decided to head down. It is said that downward journey is more dangerous than an upward (Tip: As you get down a steep rock, make sure you descend sideways. It gives you more support and balance). We could hear the roar from the clouds indicating that it would rain soon. Once again, we were all worried. We had to cross at least the forest area before it started to rain. To scare us even more my friends said that they spotted a snake on the way. It was around evening 4 when we left. We made sure we are all together and just kept moving fast. We were a bit relaxed when we saw the mud path. By then there was no food left and no water left with us. And all of us were dead thirsty. All we wanted was a glass of water.  After series of rest-walk-rest, we finally reached the base camp. I felt alive only after I gulped down loads of water, regardless of whether it was from Aquaguard or Bisleri!

And now with new found energy and mutual encouragement we marched downwards to where our bus was. The feeling was that of winning a battle. Only when I sat in the bus, my legs started to talk and shut me off. I closed my eyes and all the moments just rolled in front of my eyes like a movie. I knew it then; that some pains in life are just worth it…

Can’t wait for one more such adventurous trip!

Photo Credits: Prasad Bhat

Vaishnavi Rao is an engineer from Bangalore who will soon be pursuing her Masters. She loves to travel, trek and explore new places.

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