7 Things To Do In Yercaud On A Short Weekend

As almost always, we decided on an impromptu weekend road trip to Yercaud on a Friday morning. Yercaud is a hill station in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu that’s a very popular tourist spot and is around 230 kms from Bangalore. It is a located in the Shevaroys range of Eastern Ghats.

Yercaud Road Trip

The road less taken!

How To Reach Yercaud from Bangalore | Bangalore to Yercaud Route

There are 2 routes that lead to Yercaud from Bangalore.

Route 1:

Bangalore –> Hosur –> Krishnagiri –> Dharmapuri –> Nallampalli –> Thoppur –> Kadayampatti –> Yercaud

The NH 44 till Thoppur is maintained very well and it is a breeze to drive in. But once you cross Kadayampatti on this route, the roads won’t be in your favor almost till the end of your journey. The winding narrow roads pass through estates, secluded villages, mountains and are poorly maintained at a few places. Take extreme caution at some of the hair pin bends as there are deep potholes right at the curve when you drive up! But you would be rewarded with scenic and awe-spiring views such as below. It’s not entirely bad, but if you prefer a better option then go for Route #2.

Top Things To Do In Yercaud | Rewarding views on Yercaud road trip

Such rewarding views!

Estates near Yercaud

Boy, were we glad we took this route..

Route 2:

Bangalore –> Hosur –> Krishnagiri –> Dharmapuri –> Salem –> Yercaud

Undoubtedly, this route is the easiest and comfortable of both the options. This route is a little longer than the first, since it takes a detour via Salem. On a good day, the route to Yercaud from Salem offers you excellent views of the valley as well. We took the scenic route (Route #1) while going and Route #2 while coming back to Bangalore.

You would come across at least 2-3 tolls after crossing Electronic City from Bangalore. Since it was a week after demonetization in India (500 & 1000 INR notes were demonetized in India to curb corruption and black money), all the tolls were made free of cost. Tamil Nadu tolls are a little on the heavier side compared to other states (But they also maintain the roads impeccably, so its all worth it!). So we must have saved at least 300 – 400 INR on tolls on this trip (both ways included).

Pit stop options for lunch/coffee/snacks:

No matter which route you take, here are couple of options for pit stops.

Note: All the below mentioned hotels are vegetarian hotels at Krishnagiri.

  1. Hotel Saravana Bhavan Classic, Krishnagiri
  2. Hotel Sri Saravan Bhavan, Krishnagiri
  3. Adayar Ananda Bhavan, Krishnagiri

Things To Do In Yercaud

1. Drive through the hill station

Yercaud offers nice roads that offer you some great views of the valley. Go for an aimless drive from the town till the top of the Yercaud hill. Even if it is an off-season, driving amongst clouds/fog is fun on it’s own. The winding roads take you to almost all tourist spots (which are few, since this is a small hill station). Explore and get a feel of the place that you are about to spend a weekend at Smile

Yercaud Road Trip

Completely “driven” 😉

Yercaud The Road Less Taken

Clickety click click..

2. Visit tourist places

If you are interested, you could visit tourist places such as Ladies’ seat, Children’s seat (there is a Gents’ seat as well Open-mouthed smile). These are approximately 5 kms from the town of Yercaud and are view points. You could combine this when you go out for a drive mentioned in #1. On a good day, you get to see the beautiful views of the valley of Yercaud and the  beautiful houses and resorts perched atop the hill! This is as touristy as it can get but no harm in checking it out! There are play areas for children that I’m sure the kids would make complete utilization of Winking smile

Gents Seat Yercaud Tamil Nadu

Gents Seat 😉

Engorged in views of Yercaud


One of the view points Yercaud

One of the view points

Rose Garden of Yercaud

Exploring the Rose Garden of Yercaud

3. Visit Yercaud Lake

Yercaud Lake is a beautiful, small lake that is naturally formed. You could easily spend an hour absorbing the lake’s beauty and go for boating post that. Perfect to spend an hour or two of a lazy Saturday afternoon here. This is one of the top touristy things to do in Yercaud and definitely not the one to be missed!

4. Kiliyur Falls Hike

Kiliyur Falls is a waterfall in the Yercaud range where the water flows from a height of 91 meters (300 ft). This falls is situated at around 3.2 kms from the Yercaud lake and one has to hike to reach. The last 500 meter stretch is rough, unpaved, steep and could be difficult to hike during monsoons. Hence, the best season to visit Kiliyur Falls would be post-monsoon. This hike could take anywhere between 1-2 hours. So expect to spend a good part of your day (demands at least half a day) on this activity. Do not forget to wear trek shoes with good grip to avoid any mishap. Get back to resort for a nice evening and dinner Smile

5. Go for a walk

What’s better than driving? Walking! Exploring Yercaud on foot is tiring yet an awesome experience. You would literally be walking through clouds. Need I say more? Just be aware of the traffic and roads. Dress up in layers and you will enjoy it lot more than you think.

Foggy views of Yercaud

Foggy views of Yercaud

Rose garden Yercaud

Rose Garden is excellent for an evening walk with family/loved ones

well maintained rose garden Yercaud

It is also very well maintained

6. Shervaroyan Temple

Another must-do out of the top things to do in Yercaud. For all those religious souls, it’s a must to visit Shervaroyan temple situated at the top of Shervaroyan hill. The temple also offers beautiful views of Yercaud town from the top. The deities that are worshiped at this temple are God Servarayan and Goddess Kaveri. An annual festival is also celebrated every year during the month of May.

7. Stay put!

And I kept the best of all for the last. This is the best of all the things to do in Yercaud! There is nothing like spending lazy morning and afternoon, sipping coffees from the balcony with a gorgeous weather and views of Yercaud for company. Trust me, this is the best of all. You could also explore some of the activities offered by the resort.

Packed your bags already? Yercaud really is a nice place to spend a laid back weekend and just do nothing.

The valley of Yercaud

The valley of Yercaud

Greenery all around Yercaud

Greenery all around!

Where To Stay In Yercaud?

We stayed at GRT Nature Trails Sky Rocca Yercaud. Make sure you opt for a room with a balcony at the top/mid floors that offers great views. The balconies are separated by walls made of bamboos! So you don’t have to worry about privacy.

GRT Nature Trails Sky Rocca Yercaud Room

Our room at GRT Nature Trails Yercaud

Top Floor at GRT Nature Trails Yercaud

The top most floor!

The other resorts that we recommend as good options are:

Yercaud Rock Perch Sterling Resorts

La Four Seasons

Check out some of the deals that keep running throughout the year:


Hope this post of 7 Things To Do In Yercaud has or will help you to plan a weekend trip to Yercaud. Don’t forget to leave a comment below!

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