Best Travel Books To Read In 2017 To Fuel Your Wanderlust

What’s better than a bunch of travel books as travel companions?


I love reading books while I’m on a trip (provided I get time to). After turning into a travel blogger, my spare time during traveling gets devoted automatically towards TravelHighway and blogging activities, even when I’m not traveling. Before that, I used to be an avid reader and I still try and maintain that status of mine.

Amazon Great Indian Sale is here again with humungous discount on everything possible. So I thought of curating the best travel books for you to read. If you love traveling and haven’t read these, you are missing out on so much. Its the age YouTube and Snapchat but books have always been in the run and it will be. Nothing can match the careful organized, thoughts of an author like a book.

Anyway here are the best travel books to read in 2017 that would fuel your wanderlust further.

Best Travel Books To Read In 2017

And I would like to burst a myth, that to read Kindle books one must need Kindle reader. Kindle books are available to be read in the Kindle Reading App that’s available for Android and iOS. You could, in fact, have a reader and install Kindle app in every device you have, and still your reading progress of each book will be in sync when you switch devices.

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Into The Wild


A true and unfortunate story of a young Christopher McCandless in 1992 who sold everything he had, even donated his entire savings to a charity, disowned and disavowed his family inheritance and head-off to cure his wanderlust and to explore himself. Jon Krakauer describes Christopher’s self-chosen life Into The Wild where, after living like a hippie for a long time he decides to explore the wilderness of Alaska, far away from any civilization.

Mud, Sweat and Tears


An inspiration to many, this man, Bear Grylls, has made his way through mud, sweat and tears, literally. Adrenaline and adventure junkie from his early life led him to learn mountaineering and martial arts. A fatal accident at the age of 21 almost had everyone believed that he would never walk. 18 months later, he was one of the youngest to climb the mighty Mt. Everest. And the rest is known to the entire world. This book is made for adventure junkies like him and pretty much everyone who wants to get an inspiration. After all, what option do we have when we fall except to get up? We all know it but give up easily, while this man did it and still does it everyday of his life. Man vs Wild? I would like to call him “too tough to be a human”.

Into Thin Air


Made into a highly acclaimed motion picture last year called as Everest, Into Thin Air describes a true account of a 24-hour period in the Mt.Everest in 1996 where the trekkers were caught in a storm facing life or death situation and their helplessness at the top of the tallest mountain in the world. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, its time to read the book first.

Wild: A Journey From Lost To Found


Honest and courageous account of her life by Cheryl Strayed. A girl who lost herself and drowned in the misery around her. But eventually found herself through travel. Wild is her memoir of her 1,100 mile hike on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). This is one book that delivers the importance of forgiving oneself. For those who have seen the movie, its time to read the elaborate version of it. Who can forget Reese Witherspoon carrying a mammoth rucksack? Laughing out loud

No Shortcuts To The Top: Climbing the World’s 14 Highest Peaks


How many times do we come across the story of a guy who has summited all 14 of the world’s tallest peaks? Almost never. This is the story of an American called Ed Viesturs who achieved just that. He also made a cameo in another survivor-thriller movie Vertical Limit.

The Beach


The Beach. Get the image of the young and handsome Leonardo Di Caprio? *heart sinks into a crevasse*. Then its time you read the book as well. A story of a paradise, but is it truly one? A thriller narration that was made into a movie in 2000 starring Di Caprio, because of which the inflow of tourists to Thailand raised significantly. The beaches look a little worn out now, thanks to the tourism but I still feel there are a couple of hidden away islands that only locals know, that are as exotic as its described in this book.

Amsterdam: A History of the World’s Most Liberal City


Has Amsterdam eluded you as much as it has eluded me? Historic yet modern and liberal in many ways. Art, History, Architecture, Literature, Drugs and Sex. Amsterdam is an ultimate destination in many ways. This book carefully describes the history of this wonder-city.

On The Road

On The Road was written in 1957 by Jack Kerouac, describing his journey throughout USA from New York to San Francisco LA and more. Deemed as one of the classics and probably have inspired thousands of people to take-up hitchhiking. Sometimes reading old books inspire to look at the world and people in a while another way . Its like buying a new lens for your camera Smile with tongue out

The Alchemist


An oldie but an all-time-classic goodie. This is one book that holds good for generations to come. Not exactly your typical travel stories and experiences, centralized towards a place or society or even country. Its about following one’s dreams and how and where to find happiness. Ultimate. Period.

There are many, many, soooo many more books, so many that I just wish I could read it all in a few seconds like a super computer. Sigh.

Over to you, have you read any of these books? What was your thoughts? Leave a comment Smile

Happy reading and traveling! Red heart

Much Love,

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