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If we had a penny every time somebody asked us “What we have in our travel photography bag?”, we would have had enough for a month of road trip in Australia! Since this is one of the most sought out/searched on the internet about/asked around, we thought lets dedicate an entire page for this. Feel free to bookmark this and to share this with your friends.

So, coming to the topic.

During all of our travels Harsha is usually the one behind the lenses, which is very evident in some of our posts like Roopkund, Ooty, Karavali Road Trip, Makalidurga Trek and many more.

What Do We Have In Our Travel Photography Bag?

Photography Gear

Canon Rebel T2i (550D) DSLR Camera (Body)

This was our first SLR (bought almost 6 years back!) and it’s still going on pretty strong with us, especially in our travels. This model has been discontinued from a while now. You could go for something from the below models instead. If at all we switch in the coming times, we would go for one of the 60D/70D series or Mark series by Canon.

Entry level SLR:

Canon 1100D

canon 1100d

Canon 1200D

canon 1200d

Canon 100D

Canon 100d dslr camera

Mid-range SLR:

Canon 70D

canon 70D DSLR Camera

Canon 80D

Canon 80D DSLR Camera

High-end SLR:

We have benefited greatly from the lenses mentioned in the next segment, but since ours is a mid range SLR, it does not have a full-frame sensor like that of high-end SLRs like Canon Mark and 6D, 7D series. To put it in a layman’s sentence, a full-frame sensor lets you use the lens to the fullest capacity. Check out some of the cameras with full-frame sensors. We hope to upgrade to one of these in the near future!

Canon EOS 5D Mark 3

Canon EOS 5D Mark 3

The flagship SLR camera from Canon, the dream camera for many photographers, Mark caused a huge stir in the photography market when it was launched. And it has only improved its quality with every passing upgraded version of it. If you have the budget for it, I recommend this whole-heartedly. Trust me, you will love this.

Point & Shoot Cameras

Not everybody is interested in taking photos that are specific to a genre such as portraits, landscapes, macro, wild life etc. Some are really looking forward to having greater experiences during their travel and a gear to just make those experiences memorable. They either directly load the photos to their computer or basic editing should satiate them. A point and shoot camera makes a great companion to such travelers. Here’s a list of latest point and shoot cameras

Sony Cyber Shot H300 Point and Shoot Digital Camera

Sony Cybershot H300 Point & Shoot Camera

Sony Cyber Shot DSC-W810

Sony Cybershot W Series Point & Shoot

Nikon Coolpix L30

Nikon Coolpix L30 Camera

You can check out other top point & shoot cameras here.


Lenses make a huge difference to what you do in your DSLR. That’s one of the basic differences between a point & shoot camera and an SLR. You need to switch lenses according to your needs in an SLR or rather, have freedom to. Whereas in a point & shoot, you can only stick to certain widths.

Kit lenses

Canon 18-55mm and 55-250mm are the kit lenses. These came along with the body of Canon Rebel T2i (Canon 550D) for us.

Canon 18-55mm kit lens

18-55mm lens is good enough for most of the landscapes/indoor photography. This is an excellent starter lens for someone who is just starting out.

Canon 55-250mm Kit Lens

The 55-250mm on the other hand is excellent for portraits/basic macro shots.

Sigma wide-angled lens 10-20mm

This is what changed the quality of our pictures altogether. Harsha is extremely good at capturing landscapes and this lens has been a major gear helping him do the same. Not only it lets you compose the landscape well, it lets you fit more elements in your frame because of its wide angle.

Sigma 10-20mm Wide Angled Lens

Occasionally we borrow/rent the below lenses. We do have plans of buying these, but not any time sooner. We prefer to keep our luggage less bulky and its not exactly fun wandering around with heaps of camera lenses nor it is in maintaining a truck load of electronic gear!

18-250mm Lens

A general purpose lens which can act as a great equivalent to both of the kit lenses mentioned above. If you want to have just one lens, ditch the kit lens and go for this. We have only borrowed this from our friends. Hopefully we will ditch kit lenses and replace those with this 😉

Sigma 18-250mm Lens

50mm Portrait lens

This is a great lens for portraits! We use this very rarely, since most of the times we capture landscapes and very rarely a portraits. This, also, we usually rent/borrow as we rarely use it!

Canon 50mm Portrait Lens

Also, a tip to note, there is a higher quality lens of the same 50mm width which is much more expensive than above. We have not used it, but its super worth according to pro photographers 🙂

You can check it out here.


A tripod is a must have if you are a solo/couple traveler or you are very particular about the kind of pictures you take. We used to miss a lot of couple photos before because we couldn’t annoy the strangers to take photos of us like we wanted. Hence we decided to take tripods wherever we could. This has been an excellent choice, we can take our own time to frame and take pictures rather than bug a stranger/friend to take it for us.

As you can see in the pictures, the tripod we have is a little on the heavier side, you could go for lot less heavier and lot less compact. Nowadays you get such compact tripods that it will fit in your backpack easily.

Check out a huge collection of tripods here and filter out ones compatible with your particular model of camera.


Spare batteries go a long way, especially if you are going on a week long trek or trip with little or no access to electricity (like in Roopkund). Charge them beforehand and if you are going to colder destinations, make sure you store it in a warmer place such as sleeping bags, padded jackets etc.

Memory Cards/Storage

Same goes for memory cards, the more you have the better. Its not exactly pleasant, running out of memory on a wonderful trip when you have something amazing right in front of you that is calling you to capture. Have at least 2-3 memory cards with good storage capacity and speed.

Note: The speed of the memory card also determines the price of a memory card along with the storage capacity. Make sure your memory card is of a good brand and compatible with the particular model of your camera.

Lowerpro Camera Bag

Now comes our biggest secret. We keep all of the above mentioned gears (except the suggestions and borrowed/rented lenses) in our Lowerpro camera shoulder bag. That is the camera, lens kit, chargers, memory cards and batteries.

Lowepro Camera Case

This is an excellent light-weight camera bag for frequent travelers who carry relatively few photography gear (like us, yes this is actually very VERY less when compared to pro photographers!). We had a huge bulky old Canon shoulder camera bag, which we replaced with this and has been an excellent decision so far!

We can actually fit 3 lenses and a camera body, with whole loads of accessories in this bag. It does get a bit heavy after loading this to the brim, but if you do not need so many lenses as us, do go for this. It makes a huge difference to your travel gear, especially if you already have a backpack and cannot carry another one just for your camera.

GoPro Hero 4 Black Action Camera

GoPro is a latest addition to our travel photography gear. Check out one of the very first videos we took on our getaway at Vivanta By Taj Bekal. GoPro action cameras are very well known for their waterproof capabilities and compact sizes. These are apt for adventurous getaways which includes activities such as surfing, paragliding, scuba diving, skydiving or even on roadtrips. The resolution of the videos go upto 4k depending on the model of GoPro that you opt for. The other models in GoPro Hero 4 series are, Silver and Session.

GoPro Hero 4 Black

GoPro Spare Batteries

Just like our SLR batteries mentioned above, we keep a separate set of spare batteries for our GoPro camera as well. GoPro batteries can shoot at the max for 2 hours. Beyond which you need to change your batteries or charge again. So keeping a spare set of batteries for GoPro will let you have a peace of mind.

GoPro Rechargeable Battery

GoPro Memory Cards/Storage

One major disadvantage of GoPro cameras are the memory they consume! Each video consumes in multiples of 100MBs for an average length of 1 minute. Hence keeping a spare memory card of good storage does come handy. We have 2 sets of the below Lexar memory card. Also, please note that only certain types of memory cards are compatible with the GoPro cameras. Kindly visit their website once and reassure that your memory card model works with the GoPro model you have chosen.

Lexar 64GB memory card

Lexar 64GB Memory Card

GoPro Mounts & Accessories

Along with GoPro we have certain number of mounts that come handy during underwater shoots or treks etc. Here is a kit which includes basic GoPro mounts and accessories such as tripod, selfie stick, anti-fog inserts etc.

GoPro accessories kit

Also, if you have bought multiple GoPro batteries like us, its really recommended to buy a dual/triple charger like below. This saves a lot of time trying to charge your battery through GoPro camera!

Wasabi Power Battery + Dual Charger

Wasabi Dual Charger For GoPro

AmazonBasics GoPro kit – Small

We store all of the GoPro gear in this compact travel kit except for the mounts and accessories.

AmazonBasics GoPro Carrying Case

Miscellaneous Chords

Includes USB chords, battery chargers, phone chargers etc. Yep, we love all the tangles 😛

Phew. Huge list right? But the complete SLR kit can fit into the Lowerpro Bag that I mentioned above (with space left for some miscellaneous accessories). And we use a separate bag for our GoPro kit as mentioned.

Off to you now. What camera gear do you have? Do you want us to do a tutorial on travel photography tips? Leave a comment!

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